Wow interesting to know! The runoff is not only continuing, unabated, but is expected to increase as the demand for corn to feed cattle and as a biofuel increases [15]. One of the favored dumping areas is highway construction sites. We humans have been long fighting to protect and save our planet. You have probably seen garbage on the streets that are not cleaned very often. Land pollution is also especially dangerous since the pollutants eventually seep down and pollute the groundwater and other water sources. It is the unnecessary materials that contaminate and damage our land. Overpopulation and excessive industrial activities lead to a lot of sewage waste being generated. UPES UG Apply Now. 10 Most Plastic-Polluted Rivers Ravaging the Oceans, , Landfill regulations prescribe actions that must be taken to remove leachate from the landfills during its years of operation and upon closure, but the reality is that while it may be years before the leachate gets into the groundwater, eventually it will. Effluents from factories, industries and residential areas, when not properly segregated and managed, find their ways into the soil, depositing tonnes of chemical waste into the earth. Land pollution, whether it is a barren space where nothing can grow but a few weeds or a site that harbors garbage and debris, like old tires, gas cans and plastic bags is an aesthetic drain. Industrial pollution causes land pollution: What can we do to prevent land pollution? Insisting on organic food would be a very big start to reducing the adverse effects of agriculture on land. First, reduce consumption. municipal solid waste pollution Municipal solid waste (MSW) on a beach. Such a polluted land, although may increase the production for a short while, in the long run, the productivity goes down. Will it look better than it looks today? just a basic video on its causes, effects, and solutions It also allows for easy runoff of fertilizers and other applied chemicals. These fertilisers and pesticides are loaded with toxic chemicals that seep into the soil and contaminate it. Such deforestation in itself causes severe land pollution. A drive down any road reveals that humans contribute to land degradation by littering. The second type of land pollution occurs when the original soil structure is disturbed to such an extent that it loses its life-giving capability. Another effect on land pollution are coal fires. Costs of treating well water, in those situations where the contamination has been discovered by neighbors was $1.12 billion between 1991 and 2004. Land pollution takes place when waste is not disposed Prior to being banned in 1977 due to its adverse effects on humans and wildlife and long-term persistence in the environment, PCBs or polychlorinated biphenyls were widely used in industrial coatings and insulation materials for transformers as well as hydraulic fluids, fluorescent lights and various consumer goods. Which means that the land and its soil, having lost their original nourishing capacity, is no longer able to support life. This happens since, mining requires a lot of surface land clearing, drilling, excavating etc. Causes of Land Pollution This garbage is also the form of land pollution. It is a global issue that needs to be fixed immediately. And a problem when the reclamation is attempted is that the land has become so degraded it often cannot support newly seeded growth. Natural causes such as volcanic eruption, hurricanes or tornadoes can pollute land but since they are the natural causes, we are so helpless about it. Forests absorb almost 20% of this heat, thus preventing soil degradation. Soil that is filled with toxic chemicals will not sustain life and poses a health risk to children who might play there. Soil that is contaminated becomes less productive and this reduces the value of land. So without further ado, here are the top 10 cause of land pollution… In no particular order. This applies too to regulations governing mining and industrial waste and disposal of solid and hazardous waste. An urban planner looked at yet other needs the land provides people and estimated in 1996 that the land required to feed the population of London, supply their timber products and reabsorb their CO2 emissions by areas with growing vegetation was 125 times the size of the city [23]. (Required) (Will not be published) (Required) Current [email protected] * 2021 UG/PG Admissions. But there are even more serious problems how land pollution affects the environment. While heavy machinery keeps spraying #monocrops with #pesticides and #fertilizers, millions of #family #farmers are applying agroecological approaches to redress those impacts and revive #rural areas. The first is where the soil gets contaminated, due to the addition of foreign elements. Governments could put money into researching higher yielding varieties of tropical crops and then develop policies like subsidized seeds to encourage their use. These non-biodegradable waste can take hundreds to millions of years to decompose completely. The removal of trees to make way for urbanization hasaffected the environment significantly. Landfill liners are not foolproof and the liquid that leaches from them is toxic. Nor is the problem confined to abandoned lots or illegal dumpsites. This means that flooding is worsened as the land no longer has the ability to absorb excess rainfall [13]. Various Causes of Land Pollution 1. Leave a comment. The mining process utilises heavy metals and many toxic chemicals such as sulphuric acid.